"With an infusion of inspiration, discovery and confidence, your audience will be motivated to tap into their inner-star qualities to create a personal and professional impact, while improving performance at work."

- Judy Jernudd      

What if your audience could meet high-achievers such as President Bill Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, Regis Philbin, Larry King, or Tom Cruise?  What lessons would they learn about developing the qualities and characterizations of stellar success and extraordinary leadership?

Well… Judy Jernudd has done exactly that.  Her experience as a television newscaster and TV Personality in Los Angeles, California gave her the opportunity to meet and interview some of the world's most influential personalities.  She shares with her audience her personal observations of many of the world’s most successful people in film, television, politics, sports and business. Judy helps your audience define the qualities it takes to become a star in their world.

Her colorful anecdotes and stories captivate while entertaining and informing your audience. Passion, humor, colorful behind-the-scene stories and audience interaction are key elements of Judy's customized presentations. Judy makes your audience the stars of the show. She is best described as a charismatic speaker with an audience-energizing style. Your audience will laugh, they will think and leave the event inspired to improve performance.

Judy's keynotes are for companies and organizations that want to improve their performance, leadership, sales teams, rising stars and frontline employees.

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